A Great Week Of God’s Blessings

Last week’s Conference on Culture, Citizenship & Christianity was a huge blessing to our church family. We learned that every Christian has a responsibility to the Lord, our families, our church, our country and our culture. We learned it is not enough to worry and complain about the decline. We are to be people of action! It was so exciting to see the altars full and our church family praying for and with one another.


Thank You To The Kitchen Crew, Facilities Team

In order to make it more convenient for everyone to attend the 3C Conference each evening, Dee Taylor and her helpers worked hard to provide meals. We also want to acknowledge the great job our facilities team did with the extra work of cleaning and prepping our buildings for the extra services. We want to say a big “Thank You!” to everyone who served our church family so faithfully last week.

“An Easter Welcome Home” Banquet Next Sunday 

Next Sunday evening we will be moving our service to the Gillming Center (gym) for a special event at a special time. We will be coming together for our annual Spring Sunday School Banquet at 5:30 p.m. We are excited to share with you the exciting things we have planned between now and Easter Sunday, April 12.

Praying and Prepping

We still are seeing unusually high numbers of people who are sick in our church family. Please pray for those who are sick and hurting. Take a few minutes to make a call, send a card or a message of encouragement. The medical community reminds us all to wash our hands regularly and be careful to cover when we cough or sneeze.

Ladies Retreat Next Friday & Saturday

“A Beautiful Ride” is the theme of this year’s Ladies’ Retreat, coming next weekend, March 6-7. This year’s retreat will be held at the Camden Hotel & Conference Center in Branson. Sunday is the last day to register in the lobby.

You can click HERE to register

Missions Team Leaves Next Week

Please be in prayer for those who are heading out to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to minister alongside the Metzger family. We appreciate all those who have had a part in helping the team raise the funds necessary for the trip. It will be exciting to hear what God does with this group when they return.