It’s Wednesday! We are looking forward to when we can gather together again for Awana!  Until then, you still have the opportunity to help your children memorize Scripture by helping them with their Awana sections. Here are some helpful tips that we use for memorizing verses when working with your kids during Awana. 

  • Read and Understand the Context – Help your child figure out what the verse is trying to teach. It will be easier for them to remember if they understand the context!
  • Write It Down – Ask your child to write it on an index card if they are able; it can be used as a flash card later. I know personally I write down everything I try to memorize!
  • Speak It – Saying the verse out loud several times will help ingrain it as well.
  • Review – Reviewing verses each day will help solidify everything they are learning. Some of our handbooks have review sections for this very reason!
  • Repeat – There is no substitute for repetition of course! Sometimes we ask them to repeat the reference before and after the verse; this helps them know not only the verse but where it is found.

We want to encourage you to continue learning the Bible together as a family. We’ve provided the parent resource guide and a form to let us know when your child has completed sections on the kids ministry resource page at our website at

Record Awana Sections Below


Awana Resources:

At this link you will find different kinds of FREE downloadable resources for each club. Click Here

In the search bar type in the appropriate club and title of the book for your child. (example: T&T Discovery of Grace, Sparks Hang Glider, Cubbies Honeycomb) Then you will see different kinds of downloadable resources.


Discovery of Grace Lessons

Then find the section that your child is currently on (Example: Discovery of Grace Lesson 1.1)

-T&T Mission: Discovery of Grace Resource Bundle (KJV)

This gives you access to the weekly lessons that the leaders would teach

-T&T Mission: Discovery of Grace Bible Verse Audio (KJV)

This would allow your kids to listen to the verses that are in each section.


-3 books (Hang Glider, Wing Runner, and Sky Stormer)

Each book has a “Handbook Audio” (KJV), that allows your child to listen to the stories and Bible verses for each section.


-Cubbies are currently only in 1 book (Honeycomb)

-This book has a “Cubbies Honeycomb Resource Bundle” (KJV) that would give you access to audios for each section, and also memory verse learning activities.