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Bible Story: Hebrews 11

Text Truth: We can live by faith.

Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:6

Today, we are going to look at Hebrews chapter 11. In this chapter, the writer talks about many Old Testament believers who had faith. These believers not only had faith in God, but they had faith in God’s promise to one day send a Savior—Jesus. Because Hebrews 11 lists many Bible heroes of the faith, it is sometimes called the “Hall of Faith.”

Question: Who are some Old Testament believers you think should be listed in the “Hall of Faith” chapter?

Faith is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. Let’s think about birthdays for a minute. Birthdays are usually a special time full of fun and gifts. They are a mixture of assurance (because we know something special will happen) and excited nervousness (because we wait for our birthday to arrive to see what will happen). Faith is similar to that: we know God is at work, but we are waiting to see it happen!

Let’s look at some people who honored God by having faith.
Abel offered a better sacrifice than his brother Cain. He did this by faith because he believed God and did the right thing.

Noah built an ark when he was warned about a coming flood. He did this by faith because he had never seen a flood before.

Abraham also honored God by having faith.

Question: What are some things Abraham did to show his faith in God?

Abraham moved to the place God told him to go. He did this by faith because he did not know the new place. He had faith God would give him a son in his old age. He also had faith when he offered his only son Isaac as a sacrifice. He trusted that, if Isaac were to actually be killed, God would raise him back to life.

Have you ever thought about the parents of people like Noah, Abraham and Moses? Moses’ parents are mentioned in the Hall of Faith chapter.

Question: What did Moses’ parents do to show their faith in God?

Moses’ parents hid baby Moses for three months. They did this by faith that God would provide and protect. They were not afraid of Pharaoh’s orders.
Moses did many things through faith as well. He left Pharaoh’s house in Egypt to live and suffer with God’s people. He knew that God was greater than anything he could ever have on this earth. He also left Egypt with the Israelites and crossed the Red Sea by faith.

Rahab had faith that she would be saved from death when her home city, Jericho, was defeated.

So many people had faith in God. The Hall of Faith chapter mentions many more Old Testament people including, Gideon, Samson, David, and Samuel. Some of these people conquered kingdoms, believed promises, and even shut the mouths of lions. Some were sadly mistreated and killed because of their faith; but they never stopped having faith.

These people in the Bible are real. They are just like you and me. The Bible even tells us that some of them, like Moses, were scared and questioned God (Exodus 3). Even though situations may be scary, we can still have full faith in God. God was, is and always will be faithful. As a believer, we have His promise that He will always be with us. He loves each of us very much. We honor God by having faith in Him.

Family Activity: 

1)Object Lesson

Supplies: a glass of water (about half to ⅔ filled), an index card

Do & Say: (Remember: a practice run is always helpful!) Hold up the glass of water and ask, “What do you think will happen if I were to turn this glass upside down?” Place the index card over the top of the glass. Make sure the whole of the rim is covered by the card and press down. “Do you think this card will stay at the end of the glass and keep the water from falling out if I turn it upside down?”

Have a child sit on a chair or the floor in front of you. “Do you have faith that you will not get completely soaked? Let’s give it a try—One, two, three, go!”

Hold onto the top of the card with one hand and move your other hand down the glass, towards the bottom of it. Carefully flip the glass upside down, making sure you keep holding the card in place. You may get a little bit of drippage at this point, but don’t panic! Now slowly move your card-holding hand out from underneath. The card should stick and hold the water at bay.

“Wow! You didn’t get soaked! What do you think is keeping the card in place?”

“Air pressure is keeping the card in place. Even though we can’t see the air pressure, we know it must be working or the water would drop out. We also can’t see God, but we know that He is always there. We can have faith in God no matter what the situation. Even if we think we might get soaked, God knows what He is doing!”

2) Would You Rather Game

Do: Write #1 and #2 on pieces of construction paper and attach them to two different sides of the room

Tell the kid(s) that you are going to name off two different Bible people. Kids can decide if they would rather be the first or second person and stand by the #1 or #2 respectively.

Would you rather:
Be the writer of Hebrews OR the writer of John?

Be Noah and build the ark OR Daniel and be in the lion’s den?

Be Moses and cross the Red Sea OR see Jesus walk on water?

March around Jericho for 7 days OR stay on the ark for 40 days while it rains?

Be in Gideon’s army of 300 men OR go against Goliath on your own?

Have Samson’s strength OR King Solomon’s wisdom?

Be a prophet like Samuel or a King like David?

The writer of Hebrews reminds us of so many different people in the Bible who had great faith and lived their lives honoring God. All of these men and women were created by the same God who created all of us. They are just like us in a lot of ways. Like them, we can live by faith.”

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