Missionary Spotlight

In Sunday School this week, your child heard from the Metzger kids, missionaries to Argentina. They talked about living in Argentina. Our kids learned about their favorite Argentine food and games, some fun activities, and they gave a few things that your kids can pray for them about. They prayed for Natalie (the oldest child) who is having some medical issues, and that they would each continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord. 

Missionary Guest Speaker

In Junior Church we heard from Janay LeTourneau, missionary to Uganda! She talked about some of the crazy, cool, and interesting things that Uganda does differently than we do in the United States. One thing she mentioned was how over half of the people of Uganda are younger than 15! She also said that Uganda is a great place for bird watching with over 1,000 different kinds of birds. She challenged your child to pray for the LeTourneaus and the people of Uganda every time they see a bird.

Missions Lesson

This week during the lesson time your kids learned about sin, and how sin separates us from God. We talked about the only way to fix someone’s sin problem is through the Gospel. We learned about Paul and Silas being thrown into prison and how  they chose to still be a witness for God. There were multiple people around them who were unsaved. including the jail guard. During the night this jailor heard Paul and Silas worshiping the one true God. When an earthquake suddenly struck, the chains on the prisoners fell off and the door of the prison opened. The jailor assumed that the prisoners fled, but they didn’t. When the jailor saw Paul and Silas were still there, he asked them “What must I do to be saved?”. The gospel is the only remedy for sin, and that is why we send missionaries, so that they can tell others about Jesus.

Faith Promise

Faith Promise is how we give to missions. We give so people like the LeTourneauscan tell other people around the world about Jesus. Faith Promise is a commitment between you and God, between your kids and God, about how much money you will give to missions. 

As you and your child pray, ask God how much He would like them to commit to giving to missions. Talk about the amount with your children. No one will force them to give it every week. This commitment is made between them and God. This offering is going to missionaries all over the world to tell all different kinds of people about Jesus. 

Below is an online form that is our Kids Faith Promise Offering Card. Please review it and consider it.