Take the time to get acquainted with those who are visiting our services in person. Show them a warm CSBC welcome!

Please share with our guests watching online that they can receive more info about CSBC by texting HELO to 417.889.1999.


If you are hesitant to return to in-person church services, we understand. We will continue to live stream our services.

If you are experiencing fever, persistent cough or other symptoms, please continue to watch the services from your home until you are better.

We are asking everyone to follow the city masking requirements and maintain social distancing guidelines while at church.

Please follow directional signage in our church buildings to minimize risk.

Back On Schedule This Sunday, January 3

Sunday School @ 9:30

Morning Worship @ 10:30

Family Service @ 6pm

Midweek Service This Wednesday @6:30

Something for everyone

Awana 6:15 p.m.

          Youth Service 6:30 p.m.

          Midweek Bible Study & Prayer 6:30 p.m.

Read The Bible Together With Our Church Family

Hundreds of Cherry Streeters have read the Bible through using the “Discipleship Journal Reading Plan” during these last 9 years. 

Link to the plan from our church website or bible.com

We began reading together on January 1, but it’s not to late to join in!  The plan builds in 5 days each month to “catch up” if you fall behind on your reading. 

Check The Christmas Mailbox in the North Lobby

Mailbox for our church family will be available through January 3

Drop the card in the mailbox and they will be distributed by the next service day (Sundays and Wednesdays).

          Don’t forget to drop your completed Family Christmas Challenge into the mailbox tomorrow!

Stay Connected

If you have not been receiving emails from the church, we don’t have your current email address. Send an email address to Info@mycsbc.com  Please be sure to include your first and last name. We will send a link to the Realm Connect app as well.

“Birthday Gift For Jesus” Christmas Offering Projects

Chapel Upgrades

Cost estimate – $25,000
Includes new flooring, windows, ceiling work, classroom, electrical and plumbing, walls etc.

Roof Replacement – middle building (choir hallway) and Children’s Sunday School building (two story, above the nurseries).

Cost – $86,000

Project Totals

Projects cost estimate – $111,000
Already funded – $69,971.69
Balance Needed for Christmas Offering – $41,028.31

Thank You For Your Faithful Giving

We want to encourage everyone to be faithful with their tithes and offerings.

You can give:

We have offering boxes in the back of the auditorium and on the walls in the lobby

Through the website at mycsbc.com

On the Realm Connect app

Through the mail – our offering envelopes are postage paid – meaning you can drop your offering in the mail without a stamp. If you would like us to send you envelopes to use during this season, just call the church office and we will be happy to put them in the mail to you asap.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in giving to the Lord, especially during this difficult time.