This Week At CSBC June 20-26

Coming Events

Happy Father’s Day

Our church is blessed with many wonderful fathers! We are thankful for the dads of CSBC! Tomorrow we celebrate the men of our church on Father’s Day. We have a special CSBC cap for each man (college age and up), just to say “thank you” for all you do for the Lord and His church!

Welcome The Carters

We are excited to welcome our guest speaker Dr. Rick Carter, president of Louisiana Baptist University, and his dear wife, Shannon, with us today. Dr. Carter will be a blessing as he preaches God’s Word this morning and in the Family Service tonight as well. Please show the Carters a warm CSBC welcome!

Wednesday Night Next Steps

Wednesday Next Steps will help every believer to CONNECT to the Lord and this church; GROW in their walk with the Lord and SERVE the Lord in every stage of their Christian life. There are three classes available: First Step; Second Step; and the Next Step class. There will also be Next Step Choir, where the choir will meet, but also have the opportunity to grow through the Next Step teaching. Come and take the Next Steps in your Christian life this Wednesday evening at 6:30.

Summer, Wednesdays & CSBC Kids

At CSBC, we love kids! Summer Wednesday nights are special for our kids. This summer’s Board Games theme doesn’t mean the kids are playing Candy Land, Checkers or Battleship every week. Our leaders are using the theme to teach the boys and girls Biblical truths. On “Chutes & Ladders” night, the kids learned about life’s ups and downs through the story of Joseph. On “Life” night, they learned about wisdom through the story of King Solomon. This week, we’ll take a look at the game “Sorry” and what Jesus teaches about what it means to really apologize. Kids, invite a friend to come with you this week!

Please Pray For Youth Camp & Vacation Bible School

Our youth campers will leave just three weeks from tomorrow! Vacation Bible School begins just two weeks later! Would you please pray that the Lord would work through these special events to reach many children and young people with the Gospel, and that those who are already saved will be encouraged and strengthened in their walk with the Lord.

Realm Connect – Our Church App

So many people are using the Realm Connect App for their giving, and we certainly appreciate everyone who is faithful with their tithes and offerings. But the Realm Connect App does so much more. The app allows you to do things like check and print giving statements. The Realm Connect App allows the church to send out announcements electronically as needed, rather than waiting for Sunday morning to publish them in the bulletin. Realm also allows us to do many other things more efficiently and effectively, like planning and managing events, class and group attendance and communications such as activity reminders and prayer requests. Realm further allows you to manage your personal information and who is allowed to see it, and you can keep in touch with the people and groups you choose. All you need is the Realm Connect app on a mobile device. If you have not been receiving emails from the church, we don’t have your current email address. Send an email address to Please be sure to include your first and last name. We will send a link to the Realm Connect app as well.