Don’t let a lack of transportation to church deprive you of a wonderful experience at Cherry Street Baptist Church. We have several bus routes throughout the city that run for many of our weekly services. Click the link below to see more information.

What can I expect?

Courtesy. One of our qualified bus captains will pick up your child(ren) at your door. Upon arrival at the church they will be personally taken to their respective Sunday School classes for a time of learning and fun.

Care. From the moment your child arrives, it is the goal of each teacher to make Bible truths relevant and exciting. The lessons are prepared on their grade level so that Sunday School and Junior Church will be the favorite times of the week for the children. We care at Cherry Street Baptist Church.

Concern. Our desire is the best possible life for your children. To aid in that, we have a safe, kid friendly atmosphere to help develop your child’s potential. Literally hundreds of parents entrust us with their children each week. Come ride the bus with us this week.

Please contact us at the church office if you would like to be scheduled for a pick up by one of our routes this week.

(417) 889-1999