Our Groups

Bus Ministry

Don’t let a lack of transportation to church deprive you of a wonderful experience at Cherry Street Baptist Church. We have several bus routes throughout the city that run for many of our weekly services.

What can I expect?

Courtesy. One of our qualified bus captains will pick up your child(ren) at your door. Upon arrival at the church they will be personally taken to their respective Sunday School classes for a time of learning and fun.

Care. From the moment your child arrives, it is the goal of each teacher to make Bible truths relevant and exciting. The lessons are prepared on their grade level so that Sunday School and Junior Church will be the favorite times of the week for the children. We care at Cherry Street Baptist Church.

Click the link below to let us know you are interested in riding the Bus.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the organization by which we seek to fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:19-20. Our Goal is to Reach, Teach, and Minister to every man, woman, and child in Springfield, Missouri and ultimately the farthest parts of the earth.

What can I expect?

Connection. Sunday School is a place for you to get connected to others at Cherry Street. Whether you are in preschool or an adult class, you will meet people who share a similar story to yours.

Choices. We have many Sunday School classes from which you can choose. Many of our adult classes have overlapping demographics so that you can choose the best class for you to attend and make a connection.

Click the link below to let us know you would like to connect to a Sunday School community.

Click the link below to let us know you would like to connect to a Sunday School community.

Grief Support Ministry

GriefShare is a ministry that meets on Thursdays at Cherry Street Baptist Church. This ministry is a 13 week program that is made up of individual sessions that are not dependent on the previous sessions. It is a program used by 12,000 plus churches and is designed to help people walk through their journey of losing a loved one.

What can I expect?

Compassion. Each lesson is structured to help you know that the grief feelings you have are normal. The videos and discussion times are designed to help you understand the process of grief and let you know you are not alone.

Care. Each meeting is filled with people who will listen to your story and help you by telling their own story. Since every weekly meeting is designed to stand alone, missing a previous meeting will not hinder the growth and care you will receive through this ministry.

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Addiction Recovery Ministry

Reformers Unanimous (RU) is a revolutionary addiction recovery program for functioning addicts. Addiction experts, Steve Curington and Dr. Paul Kingsbury, have produced this program that uses a unique spiritual approach to develop lifelong sobriety. If you have tried everything else and are looking for something that “just works”, then this program is for you.

What can I expect?

Commonality. As an addict, you might feel that you are alone in your struggle with addiction. Our meetings are designed to help you know that you are not alone in your struggle, nor is the struggle unique to you. At RU, you will find others just like you with the same problems as you.

Community. Our meeting times involve a diverse group of people, from leaders who have overcome the powerful grip of addiction, to people who just want to be there to listen and help others. With meetings on Friday nights, Sunday mornings, and other special activities, you will find a strong network of support and accountability.

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