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Teens, get ready for an unforgettable summer experience at Camp Chataqua! From June 16th to 21st, you’re invited to join us for a week of adventure, friendship, and connecting with Jesus.

Camp Chataqua is a beautiful place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But Camp Chataqua is more than just a picturesque location – it’s a place to recharge, connect with Christ and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make new friends, strengthen your walk with Christ and have a summer you’ll never forget. The cost for this weeklong camp is $405, which includes accommodation, meals, and activities.

Space is limited, so act fast! See Andy Young for more information and to secure your spot at Camp Chataqua. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Sonic Cards – $100
    • Sold from 4/10-4/24
    • $5/card sold. Sell 20 Cards earns $100
  • Garage Sale – $40
    • Garage Sale April 25-27
    • Students working 5 hour will earn $40
  • Car Wash – $100
    • Carwash date May, 11
    • $10/ticket sold. Sell 10 Tickets earns $100
  • Donut Sales – $105
    • Delivered on 5/25
    • Sold from 5/5-5/19
    • Earn $7.50/box sold. Sell 14 boxes earn $105
  • Rent A Kid – $40
    • as projects become available, students sign up to do projects at church members houses. (pulling weeds, raking leaves, mowing grass, etc.)
  • Camp Scholarships – up to $40

Registration Instructions

  • Go to thecampbytheriver.com
    • Select Camp/Events
    • Scroll down to FUEL WEEK 2  MONDAY JUNE 17
    • Select Register now
    • Set up a primary account for yourself as the parent/guardian first
  • Then you need to register each child individually who will be attending the camp
  • You do not have to enter the following:
    • Child’s email
    • Child’s photo
    • You do not have to select either of the roles for your child
      • Primary contact or secondary contact
  • Select FUEL WEEK 2 2024
  • Click Register at the top of the screen
  • Select Camper
  • Choose Cherry Street Baptist Church from the drop down
  • Select Child’s shirt size
  • If your child would like to go rafting on the river you must select it now. There will not be an opportunity to choose this after they have been registered. This is the only additional cost that must be paid before the registration can be completed.
  • Be ready to enter insurance information, emergency contact details, etc. for each child
  • After registering your child, you’ll be asked to pay, but since Cherry Street Baptist Church is covering the cost:
    • Enter the sponsorship code “CSBC$330”
    • Select apply sponsorship you must select the check box in order to apply it to their account.
    • This will take your balance due to $0.00
  • The only additional cost is the optional river rafting activity
    • If your child wants to do this, it’s an extra $10 per child
    • You must pay this $10 fee before completing registration
  • Once you’ve entered the church’s sponsorship code and paid any optional fees, you can complete your child’s registration

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