Easter Is Coming | Easter Changes Everything

Easter Is Coming | Easter Changes Everything

As we countdown to Easter, Pastor Jennings’ recent sermon from Acts 17 provides a powerful reminder of our mandate as Christians to share the life-changing message of the resurrection. Just as Paul was stirred to engage the idolatrous Athenians with the truth of the risen Christ, we too should be compelled by the reality of Easter.

Passion for the Lost Should Be Stirred

Like ancient Athens, our society worships at the altars of fortune, fame, fitness, and fun. Pastor Jennings rightly observed that “we worship the same gods they worshiped 2,000 years ago, we’ve just changed their names.” Yet the Apostle Paul was “stirred” – gripped with righteous anger – when he witnessed the Athenians’ spiritual blindness. Their intellectual brilliance and cultural sophistication was no substitute for knowing the one true God.

Similarly, we live amongst spiritual “agnostics” who are ignorant of the living God, yet chase after hollow idols that can never satisfy. As believers in the risen Lord, our hearts should be broken over this lostness. With only 21 days until Easter, now is the time for a fresh passion for those perishing apart from Christ.

A Simple Gospel Approach

Paul did not meet the philosophers of Athens with complex philosophical arguments. Instead, his approach was simple and straightforward – preaching “Jesus and the resurrection” in a way even children could understand. He started from the beginning, declaring God as the sovereign Creator and Sustainer of all life Who can be personally known.

We don’t need to be intimidated by the intelligentsia or try to match the verbiage of modern philosophies and worldviews. The gospel is profound yet simple – Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and offers forgiveness and new life to all who believe in Him. Like Paul, we can sweep away the idols and point people directly to the one true God who made us and longs for us to know Him.

A Steadfast Resurrection Focus

Paul was single-minded in Athens, consistently steering every conversation back to “Jesus and the resurrection.” This is the core message, the hinge on which eternity turns. All people, whether the hedonistic “Epicureans” or the stoic philosophers, need to hear and understand the glorious truth that the crucified Christ has conquered death through His bodily resurrection.

As we invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to Easter services, let us remain steadfastly focused on the resurrected Savior. Let us not be distracted by peripheral issues or doctrinal nuances, but lift up Jesus as the only way to know the God who gives true life, purpose and eternal destiny.

A Timely Easter Opportunity

Statistics show that unchurched people are most open to responding to the gospel at Christmas and Easter. With Easter only 3 weeks away, we have a critical window to be intentionally looking for those who are lost and extending Spirit-led invitations for them to hear the message of Christ’s empty tomb.

May we be stirred with a holy passion like the Apostle Paul. May our gospel presentations be simple and clear like his. And may we remain unwavering in our purpose to “preach Jesus and the resurrection” to all who will hear. For the life-giving power of the Easter message is the only hope for the spiritually dead all around us. Let us make the most of this season to share the risen Savior with all who worship at the altars of idols, that they too may experience the resurrection life only Jesus can give.

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